Hello Everyone,

As this is the home page, and as the world is fairly extensive, please edit this page to create pages you would like to learn about. It would help me immensely in deciding what to update first.

For example I’ve started by writing a bio on Omistopher Carmail, and as a result, now need to write pages on Magician City and the Stone Seeds because they’re integral to his story. If you were still on the Overlord, the ship belonging to Tai Caruso, I would probably also have to go on to write pages on the different ship types of the Raccassammeddi Navy and obviously Raccassammeddi itself.

So if there’s anything you’d like to know about, be it a particular character, place, or even concept, please list the page here, and I’ll try to get to it.

If you could update your own characters too, that’d be great. If you want to develop your own place in my world (for example if your Half-Orc Druid comes from a village north of Alaeth and you want to describe it) feel free to make its page.

If you want that place to be developed by me, make the page and leave it empty.


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