8 School Theory

The 8 School Theory of magic is somewhat of a misnomer, as it isn’t a single theory.

Whilst there is some consensus that there are 8 schools of magic, the hows and whys are still argued over and debated on a daily basis. The official position of Magician City is outlined below.

The three components of magic
Modern Wizards believe that all magic is composed of 3 components, Matter, Energy, and Souls, and each school of magic deals with a particular combination of those 3.

Enchantment: Soul.
Evocation: Energy.
Conjuration: Matter.
Illusion: Energy and Soul.
Divination: Matter and Soul.
Transmutation: Matter and Energy.
Necromancy: Matter, Energy, and Soul.
Abjuration: None.

This latest arrangement was in part due to interference of Omistopher Carmail, who proposed the Stone Seeds theory. Designating Necromancy as the school of all aspects meant that the spells he developed to disprove earlier theories, now fit neatly in as Necromancy spells.

This did result in the changing of the school’s relation to one another. Opposed schools in modern thought are:
Enchantment vs Transmutation.
Evocation vs Divination.
Conjuration vs Illusion.
Necromancy vs Abjuration.

8 School Theory

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