Magician City

Magician City is one of the major seats of power in the world of Pangea, and is one of the 6 Eternal Cities that predates known history.

It is divided up primarily into 8 sections or schools in accordance with the 8 School Theory of magic. Each school operates independently, and has a certain degree of autonomy, allowing for schools to choose differing sides in the Last War of Pride between Raccassammeddi and Aleath.

Early History

Modern History


Magician City is the center of most maps throughout Pangea, even those designed by other powers. The one exception to this are maps that are centered on The Frozen Wastes which is on the opposite side of the planet.

It’s infrastructure of the city is ever changing due to magical effect known as the shift which can rearrange the city on an hourly basis, dramatically changing the layout of the city, and even sometimes changing the arrangement within individual buildings.

Certain rules are followed in the shift however. Schools remain contiguous, and an enchantment effect allows people who know the city to continue to know the city as if it hadn’t changed.

The Schools and districts of Magician City, and their roles

  • School of Abjuration: Deals with the Policing of the overall state. Magic cannot be cast here.
  • School of Conjuration: Deals mainly with transportation.
  • School of Divination: Operates as both the education center, and information ministry.
  • School of Enchantment: Deals with public relations and foreign affairs.
  • School of Evocation: Operates functionally as the military wing of Magician City.
  • School of Illusion: Deals mainly as an entertainment, propaganda, and espionage.
  • School of Transmutation: Magician City’s manufacturing base.
  • School of Necromancy: This district is destroyed, and off limits.
  • Nonmagic District: This unofficial district includes the Bard College and several other minor functions of the city which don’t seem to fall under the purview of any given school. Often either the Divination school or Abjuration school will be in charge of these areas. Originally built at a meeting points between all the other schools, many shifts since have meant that very often the district will be spread out over several areas.
  • Taboo River: The magical river that runs through mage city. It is the only component unimpacted by the shift.
  • The Undead Forest: Despite the name, undead have been mostly wiped out from the forest and no longer pose a significant threat. It is now the ancestral home of many Elven Clans of Pangea.

There are approximately 30 million people living in the city, in an area of roughly 3000 square kilometers. (This only includes the city proper, not the forest or the areas the city lays claim to).

Magician City

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