Stone Seeds

The Stone Seeds Model of Magic originated with disgraced wizard Omistopher Carmail and is currently considered forbidden magic by authorities at Magician City. Despite the notoriety only 4 spells were ever created using the methods outlined by the model.

Each of these 4 spells were supposedly used to demonstrate inconsistencies within the established model or 8 School Theory of Magic by combining two spell schools considered “opposing” in the established model. Defenders of the current model usually dismiss these spells as simply combination spells (such as contingency), or spells of a third type made to look like two opposing types.

Each of these spells has since been labeled heretical and is currently kept for safekeeping by a school unassociated with either spell type the spell uses.

The 4 Stone Seeds

  • The True Lie. This is an Illusion and Divination spell which shows the caster the world in the most beneficial way, not as it is. For example, a liar’s facial expressions would appear nervous to the caster, even if in reality he appears stoic. Similarly a poisonous spider may appear larger and scarier, whereas a harmless spider may appear smaller, or even like another creature entirely if the caster is normally afraid of spiders. Anyone disguising themselves with camouflage will appear in bright colors, and so on and so forth.
  • Friendly Fire. This is an Abjuration and Evocation spell which casts a wall of energy, whilst giving friendly targets temporary immunity to that energy type, allowing them to pass through it freely.
  • Body and Soul. This is an Enchantment and Transmutation spell which gives a target a command, and transforms the target into a creature until that command is followed. (+4 bonus to the save if the command is suicidal, +4 bonus on the save if the creature chosen hinders the command, -4 if it helps).
  • Haunted Fog. This is a Necromancy and Conjuration spell which obscures the vision of all those in the area. Those within the fog may have their souls swapped with the soul of another in the spell’s area of effect.

Stone Seeds

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