Cecil Dregorath

Half-golden Dragon Aasimar 13 year old girl. She's a dwarven-trained gearsmith from Alaeth.


Cecil is a 13 year old Half-Golden Dragon Aasimar. She is a beautiful and healthy girl who is quite tall for her age at almost 5 feet, and heavier than she looks thanks to her wings, tails, and strong bones. She has short cut golden-blonde hair with a metallic sheen to it, and big and bright silver eyes. Her draconic heritage is shown through a pair of small horns sprouting from her forehead, a short tail, and a pair of small draco-angelic wings, barely big enough to glide.

She is dressed in clothes heavily influenced by city-dwarves fashion: A shirt, waistcoat, pants and boots (Very victorianesque). She has a utility belt where she stores her tools, wands, and other equipment.

Cecil is a Sorcerer, but is quite skilled at both melee and ranged combat. Being a child, she also finds it easy to be stealthy.


In his youth while adventuring in some dungeon or mines, Thordin Dregorath, a young dwarven
engineer, discovered an intact dragon egg of untold age that was somehow preserved. Delighted at
the prospect of owning his own pet dragon, Thordin takes the egg home. In his simplistic ignorance, he
would try all the common conventional ways of caring for eggs. He would sit on it, sleep with it, sing to
it, warm it near the hearth fire, and even inside the hearth fire.

Many months later, the egg begins to shake. Thordin becomes absolutely ecstatic. However,
when the egg hatches, he is surprised that, inside, it was not a dragon, but a toddler. A baby girl. In fact,
she looked too human to hatch from an egg. Still, having cared for it for so long, and for being a
sentimental at heart, Thordin decides to raise the girl himself instead of giving her to an orphanage. He
puts down his axe and life of adventure and settles down in Alaeth rather than his home-city,
Raccassmeddi, as it would be a better environment for a half-breed.

In Alaeth, he uses the money he earned while adventuring to set up a small metal and gears
workshop. The first few years were difficult for Thordin to say the least. He had no experience in
parenting, much less someone not even from his own race. From what to feed the girl, to how to change
her diapers, he had to learn through trial and error. However, Cecil was a strong, healthy child, much
more so than children her age should be, and she did well.

As she grew up, marks of her heritage began to appear, two tiny horns sprouted from her head,
her hair would get the golden-metallic sheen that celestials are so famous for, the budding beginning of
a tail appears, and even her tiny wings begin to grow bigger and stronger (They look like dragon wings
but with feathers instead of the leather part.)

Cecil was friendly and gregarious. She would become quite the popular kid on the block.
However, even for a child, she had a short attention span, and was known to create a new game or fad,
only to get bored of it in a week and make a new one. She would eventually have an outlet for her
creative energies when she became old enough to learn Thordin’s craft. She would spend many hours
each day playing with the mechanical constructs that Thordin made, trying to see how they work, and
even trying to put together basic designs on her own.

While Cecil had a strong sense of justice and empathy, it did not stop her from being quite the
trickster. She enjoyed playing light tricks on her friends and the customers that would visit her father’s
shop. Things like tying their shoe-laces together, filching a coin then running circles around them, or
simply using her repertoire of magic tricks to spook people were only a few of her favorite tricks.

The demons’ invasion was a turning point in Cecil’s life. The war showed Cecil a glimpse of the
world beyond her own little life. Seeing the potential destruction that some are capable of, as well as
hearing of the heroic efforts of a band of adventurers did to save the city both horrified and inspired
Cecil. During the war, Cecil did her best to aid the war effort, but after it, she decides that she wants to
become an adventurer to help more people. While he took some convincing, Thordin eventually accepts.

“Now what?” Cecil cocks her head as she exits her house.

Little did she know that this question was answered easily. She found herself in the company of veteran adventurers. In her impatience and impulsiveness, she landed them in trouble many times, and even possibly triggered a world-dooming event, all in one day’s of work.

Still, she persevered and tried to make herself useful where she could. Each adventure she would grow more, learning and maturing. She eventually discovers that her father is still alive (and so is her mother), and decides to make it her goal to find him. Why, she does not know. Curiosity perhaps.

While under the employment of Omistopher Carmail, the party is contacted by Damien, the headmaster of the Divination school. There, he prophesied that Cecil is the key to the world’s salvation. That, to Cecil, is shockingly awesome, yet mortifying at the same time.

Her entire being is simply heroic, yet as a child she couldn’t be. As such, Cecil has an proper heroic alter-ego that manifests in times of need. The alter ego, or Cecil’s hero form, looks like an older Cecil in the prime of her youth, with long flowing golden hair, and three pairs of draco-angelic wings. Hero Cecil is sensible, wise, and efficient.

She is Cecil, and Cecil is her, but at the same time they are not. Much like fight and flight is an instinct built into sentient beings but not displayed all the time, so is her Avatar. It simply takes over.

Cecil hero form

Cecil is a skilled gearsmith. She incorporates magic into her craft, and also likes putting needless secret compartments where she can. All of her products have an arcane mark signature on them.

She is accompanied by her pet mechanical bird, Nigel, who much to his dismay, she calls birdie. Nigel has the personality of a suave English gentleman. However, he is very sarcastic and tends to complain a lot.

Cecil Dregorath

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