Omistopher Carmail

Grand Scholar of the 8th School in Magician City.


Omistopher is a Spellthief, Wizard, Ultimate Magus, and Archmage.

Unique abilities only he is known to be able to do:
Replenish spell-energy from many unconventional sources (Summoned creatures, Himself, Failed castings).

Omistopher’s Epic Spellbook:

  • Plunged into Darkness: Permanently robs targets in the area of all of their senses, including any senses beyond the conventional 5 such as blindsense and tremorsense.
  • Rapture: Teleports an area of up to 50 Miles to a pocket plane, leaving a copy of the landscape in its place. There is an easy (DC 2) save to avoid being teleported. Anyone teleported leaves behind a doppleganger under the control of the caster.
  • Doppleganger: Summons a copy of the caster.

Known Feats
Spell Focus (Custom) x2, Master Spellthief, Skill Focus (Spellcraft), Quicken Spell, Chain Spell, Shape Spell, Extend Spell, Persistent Spell, Widen Spell, Epic Spellcasting.

Known Archmage Masteries

  • Shaping.
  • Counterspelling.
  • Arcane Reach.
  • Elements.
  • Spell Power.

Much of Omistopher’s history is skewed since the war, with many tales of a horrific trail of misery that has followed in his wake from his very arrival in Magician City.

Early Years
His mother, described by many even in Magician city as a witch, was found 5 feet within the borders of Magician city, cut open from neck to naval with a crying baby boy still rummaging through her insides. Rumors of an illicit affair with one of the higher ups in the city abound, but little of it was found to stick.

The boy was raised as one of the orphan students that form the few truly permanent residents of the city, and rose quickly through the ranks, showing an aptitude for magic few could match. Whenever anyone stood against him, be it politically or in a more direct manner, they would come to an untimely end, usually in a gruesome fashion. A transmutation spell gone wrong here, a conjuration spell gone wrong there, all ending in disaster for his naysayers, and fortuitous new vacancies for Omistopher.

Core Philosophy
Omistopher and his school claimed that magic was not divided into schools, and instead could be better explained by a general theory of magic. Additionally, he claimed therefore that no spells, even necromancy, could therefore be considered “black magic”, and that such labels were problematic in understanding magic’s true nature.

He later would demonstrate much of his own grand theory in his development of what became known as the Stone Seeds model of magic, designing 4 spells which combined schools previously thought to be an anathema to one another. Each of these spells is now found on a single stone tablet, each locked away in a school unrelated to the spell for safe keeping.

Omistopher from the start set himself up opposed to the traditional order, by announcing new theories on the origins and structure of magic, making claims that the boundaries of “schools” favoured by the Scholars Supreme of Mage City, were artificial and unnecessary.

He eventually founded the Generalist School in defiance of the Grand Scholars, who barred its construction. Omistopher and his supporters rightly concluded that Magician city would naturally amalgamate the 8th school within its borders if individual supporters began building it within their own divides.

His supporters built, and during one of Magician City’s shifts found all of their construction combined into a single school divided from the others, leading to Magician City’s Largest War since the [[First Mage War|Necromancer wars] which legend tells founded the city to begin with.

Role in the War
Throughout the war Omistopher maintained a constant channel of diplomacy calling for the end of hostilities, which many claim was a ruse to buy time for the undead uprising that was later unleashed.

He enlisted the aid of several marginalized groups within the realm, and founded four major groups. The Generalists, Spellbreakers, Arcane Archers, and Spellthieves all in some part owe their existence to Omistopher, and each in their own way now suffer for that old association.

Omistopher was supposedly killed during the war however this has recently been demonstrated to be false when he made a sudden return, freed by the so-called “Heroes of Alaeth” from a sequence of traps devised by the Grand Scholar of each of the remaining 7 schools. These traps had imprisoned him for just over 100 years, and now he has returned.

Omistopher Carmail

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