A tin-man, woken from his eternal slumber, ready to build and fight on command.


Warforge Artificer.


+ Query about Builder Unit’s history pre-reset unanswerable – memory crystal unavailable because of tampering of Security Port by Meat Companion Tai Caruso +

+ Since Reset, Builder Unit has been designated as “Tin-Tin” by Meat Companions +

+ Builder Unit has been found by Meat Companions in tinkerer’s workshop who recovered Builder Unit in an archeological dig site under Raccassameddi +

+ Builder Unit has been providing Build/Destroy assistance to the Meat Companions since reset. Builder Unit knows how to Build most potential magical items on Pangea. Builder Unit can also Build and Command armies of Soldier Units. Builder Unit is outfited with self-manufactured weaponry, including MKVI Gatling-Wand Arm Implant. +


Welcome visitors, I am the Emperor, formerly the Architect.

I have been designed by the Modron Overlords in eons past to design and manufacture their outpost on the Chaotic World of Pangea, which the locals have since named the Mechanical City of Raccassameddi. I forged the whole Outpost, both its walls and its defenders.

After the Modron withdrawal back to the plane of Mechanus, my presence was deemed unnecessary to the efficient running of the city and I was shut down, my function served. Until a curious, but ultimately foolish tinkerer found me and tried to re-activate me.

The tinkering threw The Outpost into political upheaval. The Guardian Inevitables acknowledged me as their legitimate ruler, but so did they for the legitimate Queen, and the boy who replaced her. Only a common ruling of the three rulers would be acknowledged by the Guardians, and with my memory wiped, nobody knew I was the third ruler.

Unknowing of my true identity, my companions and I crisscrossed the world until we met the Great Gold Dragon who granted us the gift of knowledge, both of my role, as well as a weapon cache I left under the sea.

The cache restored my memory and contained a small army, half composed of Warforged Warriors and half composed of Warforged Stealth troops.

At the end of our adventures, I elected to return to Raccassameddi and continue my task of Building and Ruling in the service of the Outpost, but that was not to be. New allies and new challenges await me now, and The Lady tells me Raccassameddi will be better served with my presence elsewhere.


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