Happy go lucky human with a long stick!

Average looking human that usually wears a jovial smile. He likes to laugh and his laugh seems to be infectious. His favorite thing is to surprise people and make them laugh at themselves to not take themselves to seriously.

If someone takes the time to take a good look at him, they will notice he only has two metal items on his person, two daggers. Everything else is non-metal. He is also well known to have an interesting pole with attachments.



Born into royalty, he was not of need of anything growing up. However, being the 7th born male in the family, not much time was given to his upbringing concerning governing. He was never good at taking orders or following protocol and was always into mischief. Trouble seemed to be his middle name, but he proved extremely cunning and intelligent and was almost always able to get out of any situation. If he did happen to get caught, something would always come up that got him out of trouble. At first it just seemed like coincidence, but it continued throughout his childhood and into his adulthood.

He spent most of his teen years learning the ways of back alleys and the red light district. His favorite past time was a way of revenge against his noble brethren. He would be forced by his family to many royal balls of nobles. He would then return the next night and rob them of prominent family items. He would then deposit these items at the next noble ball and took great pleasure in the chaos that would ensue. This lasted until he got bored in his early twenties and decided to strike out on his own.

Many people who meet him seem to be uplifted by his free spirit of life. He enjoys life and spending time exploring the less travelled paths in life.


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