Xikthun D'Rur

Drow Warrior Shadow Dancer


A nondescript and outwardly run-of-the-mill Drow Warrior.
Proficient with Crossbow and blades, favoring his double sided double crescent sword in a whirlwind of attacks which barely give his opponents time to react. The speed of his attacks and readiness to engage are only equaled with his scathing tongue.

Xikthun tends to favor the company of like minded individuals and abhors overly emotional sentimentality. The world goes on, some people die and some people prosper. He has little patience with children or mothering as his drow background was harsh and considers emotions a weakness.
A follower of Lloth, but is neutrally chaotic at heart, he enjoys situations of confusion.

Little is know of Xikthun’s past, though he seems to always be cautious of people asking about him and knowing of him. Self preservation is utmost in his agenda and has a pretty clear cut picture of the world and how it should be, but keeps it to himself mostly.

Xikthun D'Rur

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